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When it was revealed in October Nissan said that the Ariya uses CHAdeMO quick charging for the battery. It's the same charging port that Nissan uses with the Leaf and what Mitsubishi uses with the i-MiEV and the Outlander P-HEV.

According to Nissan's press release from the Tokyo Motor Show, "When it’s time to charge, the Ariya Concept uses CHAdeMO quick charging to energize the battery swiftly and conveniently. The charging port unlocks upon the driver’s approach and uses distinct colors to show the vehicle’s charge status at a glance."

I'm surprised that Nissan is sticking with CHAdeMO given how popular CCES chargers are with other automakers.

Nissan hasn't released the charging times yet but it's likely that it'll be slower than other electric SUVs that use CCES charging. If that's the case it'll definitely be a letdown.
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