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The official pricing for the Nissan isn't out yet but that hasn't stopped news outlets like speculating what the price could be.

Car and Driver predicts that the Ariya will come in three trim levels - S, SV, and SL.

Here's how the broke it all down:
S: $40,000 (est.)
SV: $42,000 (est.)
SL: $45,000 (est.)

Nissan hasn't released pricing, but look for it to start around $40,000, putting it above the Leaf and other affordable EVs. The Leaf has three different trims and while it's hard to say what the Ariya will offer, it's fair to expect it to follow a similar product plan.

Carwow predicts that "the Ariya-based SUV to cost from £40,000 – about £5,000 more than you’ll pay for the smaller Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro." At £40,000 that converts to about $51,653.80.

I would lean towards the Car and Driver estimates, especially given that Ford is pricing their new EV around that price too. Does anyone have their own predictions?
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