It's an ambitious timeline but Nissan is confident they can deliver solid-state EVs by then.
"The all-solid-state battery will replace the lithium-ion battery now in use, and Nissan is establishing a pilot production line in 2024 at its Yokohama, Japan, facility.

The advantages to solid-state batteries are many. Their energy density is twice that of current lithium-ion batteries, and they can handle much higher temperatures safely. Charging performance is dramatically improved, as well. Ultimately, solid-state batteries could dramatically increase overall range and bring charge times down. Nissan says it would use these batteries "in a wide range of vehicle segments, including pickup trucks."

In addition to its own in-house research, Nissan is working with NASA on this battery technology, the Japanese automaker said Friday.

The collaboration with the U.S. space program, as well as the University of California San Diego, involves the testing of various materials, Corporate Vice President Kazuhiro Doi told reporters.

“Both NASA and Nissan need the same kind of battery,” he said."