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Has anyone else received an invite to join LifeStream by 7th Sense regarding the Ariya? I looked up the company and they seem legit but I’m out off by the sending email “[email protected]” — thoughts?

The entire email is below:

Dear Ariya Reservation Holder,

I often talk about our customers as the Nissan family. Like all families, we tell each other how we’re doing, what’s on our minds, and what we hope to accomplish together.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join the Nissan Advanced Research Panel. It’s an online community just for Ariya reservation holders like yourself. It’s a place for conversation and an opportunity to influence the future of not just the Nissan brand, but the automotive industry.

We believe the goal of outstanding engineering is a great driving and ownership experience. And no one understands the driving experience better than the people who rely on their vehicles every day.

This is not an invitation to fill out some typical corporate survey twice a year. By joining the Nissan Advanced Research Panel, you’ll have a chance to be a voice in the room, to offer real insights on real priorities like existing product, features and how our drivers interact with their vehicles.

I look forward to seeing you there and hearing what you have to say.

Please click the link below to log in and get started. We look forward to your participation on the site.


Vishnu Jayamohan
Director, Advanced Product Planning & Services
Nissan North America
I'm very suspicious of this outfit. I completed the form; but, noticed it had a subtle woke/climate-change bias to the questions. Selecting specific demographics for discussions and surveys is often used to create a desired outcome.
They sent me a message saying my category was full, not registered. Now the original link doesn't work.
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