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A Better Route Planner is the gold standard for independent (i.e., brand agnostic) EV route planning. I've been playing with it recently, and I can say that the model they have for the Ariya appears to be very believable (when comparing the same routes against a Telsa).
ABRP is really great for EV's like the Ariya (or for any EV that can't take advantage of the Tesla's ace-in-the-hole Supercharger network)
It's convinced me that I'll be taking plenty of trips from PDX to see my sister in San Francisco. That's just 3 stops. PDX to Wichita looks a little dicey... but PDX to Phoenix looks ok, as long as I take the I-5 corridor all the way to LA first 😊 .
More than anything, ABRP gives you an idea of how the Electrify America 50kw CCS chargers are filling in nicely, but the 150kw fast chargers (that the Ariya can take advantage of) are sadly, few and far between.
Give it a try with some of the longer trips you'd anticipate taking with your Ariya, and follow-up with your opinion about the Ariya's usability as a long-distance hi-way cruiser (or in other words, it's suitability for the kind of trip where you'd really appreciate the benefits of ProPilot 2.0).

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Handy tool. Thanks! I had it route me from Dayton, OH to Akron, OH. A route I'm familiar with. It suggested I charge at the Electrify America chargers in Mansfield, which is what I had worked out already on my own.

For Dayton to Philadelphia, another trip I do often, it suggested charging at Wheeling and Harrisburg. Very reasonable choices.
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