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I’m in the MA and was told by my Dealer the Ariya arrived in port 2 weeks ago. Believe that port is NJ. Going through final quality inspection prior to delivery. Also, said Nissan is trying to deliver to reservationist across the region at the same time. Mighty big logistics challenge. The dealer indicated they will receive a demo at the same time as my vehicle. Pretty sure I am their only reservationist at this dealership. No updates on when I can pick it up but feeling more and more like early next year. Incidentally, I received an email yesterday from Nissan stating my VR headset will be arriving mid Jan. Hope I’m driving the real one before that. I’m in the 109xx range - ordered the Premiere, sunrise copper, FWD.
Any one on this thread from the Northeast ? If so, are you getting similar updates?

PS I posted this update on another thread on this forum. Adding to this thread too so as to keep in many in the loop as possible
I'm in Connecticut and dealer had no information, I also just received email yesterday on my VR headset so that may be a positive indicator?
1 - 2 of 559 Posts