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Will you Cancel your pre-sale?

Are we all SUCKERS being taken advantage of? I think so! PLEASE READ!

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The more and more we get frustrated with the delivery dates getting moved back on our pre-ordered Ariya's - the Dealerships keep raising the prices above the MSRP because we are all so desperate to get it. After talking with a retired Nissan Salesman here in California - he says that we are giving all these Dealerships all the "power" and allowing them to take advantage of us all like a bunch of Suckers. He also said - that if we all CANCEL our pre-sales and get our deposits returned - when the Ariya's finally get delivered to the dealerships - they will have so many Ariya's sitting on lots unsold- and we will be able to NEGOTIATE BELOW MSRP! They are not just going to get the pre-orders - they will get many many vehicles flooding the market! I think we need to stick together and take his advice. I am CANCELLING my pre-order and I hope we can get many more to do so as well. It all makes perfect sense to me!
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Think you need to find a new dealership.
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Good luck. It's a prisoner's dilemma. You're likely not going to be able to convince everyone to do the same but I agree with your sentiment.
Think you need to find a new dealership.
Actually. - I have changed Dealerships 2 times and the last one told me it would be sold at MSRP - but now they are not going to honor that. I called Nissan and they said the Dealers can say or do whatever they want and that the MSRP is only a "suggested" price. Suppy in demand and we are screwing ourselves. I'll get one a month or two after all the pre-sales are delivered when they are sitting around collecting dust! I'm done getting screwed with dinner and a smile!
Good luck Empireman. (Inland Empire? Just curious.) I hope whatever you do ends up working out for you.
I wouldn’t be cancelling a pre-order, especially if you note this small print on the reservation website.
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