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Not worried about interest rates - it'll be a cash buy.
If you are a cash buyer than good choice over the Blazer EV. Different class of vehicle I believe. The Ariya is classier than Chevy Blazer and much more in my budget since I needed to take advantage of the 2.49% loan and tax credit. Equinox EV was my second choice but after waiting a year for my BLUE Evolve+ and buying it I'm convinced that this Nissan is the better choice. I did like my Chevy Bolt Premier (and got a great trade in value) but this Ariya is a giant step up in luxury, ride, build quality etc. I do not need the larger size of the Lyric but it isn't way off in price compared to the Ariya Platinum AWD which hasn't been released yet. The Nissan style is refreshing and it rides like a Cadillac so why not purchase both? Sounds like you could. Either way you will enjoy your EV experience. Best of luck.
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