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I purchased my Evolve + with $51K check and $5000 on my new Chase credit card. My new Chase credit card made me $990 cash bonus back. I win!
Plus, I get one year UNLIMITED free EVGO charging. That is an additional saving of about $900 annually. Drive around for free in the first year
I can only charge $2500 on my credit card (F&I guy said company policy) and my bank declined the rest of my down payment. I was exceeded my daily balance. I told them I can come back Monday for the cashier check, not in hurry taking the car home; the GM guy said I could take the car home and came back Mon for the down payment.
Anyway, that's a good idea to bank with CD for the loan while paying it at 2.59% rate. A friend of mine said something similar, but a little complicated than I want, but it's good to know it's there. But you still need to have some fund to pay the loan monthly as the CD stays put.
Oh, I remember why you can charge the $5000 now (b'ness card, duh)...
1 - 1 of 37 Posts