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Just got a call that my blue FWD Evolve+ will be at the dealer's in a few days. I test drove a similar one there yesterday - first time actually driving one. It seems to be good value for what you get and the dealer isn't jacking up the price.

However, I'm now leaning toward the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq. I was at the Chicago Auto Show three weeks ago and had the opportunity to ride in a bunch of EV SUV's at their indoor track. The Lyriq is really impressive. It also qualifies for the $7500 tax rebate that the Ariya doesn't. I'm willing to pay more for the Lyriq and it's nicer features / specs. I was also looking at the Chevy Blazer EV. It was at a the Chicago show, but you couldn't get closer than about three feet from the demo pre-prod display model.
If you just want the Lyriq, then go for it. If the government inventive is a factor: If you're a reservationist and signed Nissan's binding contract, you could get the $7500 for the Ariya. Unless something changes, it's very likely the Lyriq will only qualify for $3750.
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