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Ariya Platinum+ eForce AWD RED with black roof and blue grey leather interior available

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Hello. My car came in, but the economic situation just didn't work for me at this time. So I just cancelled my reservation. on the Nissan site.

The car is at Mossy Nissan, Escondido, CA.
Contact Jonathan 469-268-9393

VIN: JN1DF0CD1PM700307

They will sell at MSRP. which is $63,265.00 including destination charge.

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Thank you GLANDPUCK ! ! We purchased your orphaned Passion Red e4orce today. Charging at home as we speak . . .
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You da man! Thanks for your contribution! That’s what it’s all about…members helping members. We are the eyes and ears of anything Ariya.
Can you scan and show your Monroney sticker? I await my pre-ordered Platinum+ and have alerted the dealer that the ONLY add-on I want are mud guards. In his response, I was told the 'estimated' ETA is to be late July! (After the previous ETA was said to be late May). In addition he said my car's "current build configuration" shows(?):
  1. Exterior ground lighting ($750)
  2. Carpeted floor mats ($26) [this one I expected all along, as cars no longer INCLUDE carpeted floor mats in the MSRP]
  3. Illuminated Kick Plates ($485)
  4. Factory Paint Charge ($695). which I KNOW was never indicated, since I earlier received a call from Nissan to ask if I wanted to CHAMGE my color, from Passion Red to the Copper ... to get an earlier delivery! (Yeah, right!!). There was NO EXTRA CHARGE for this color change, to which I agreed.
So, I'm wondering if anyone who has received their Platinum+ can show us their Monroney to see if these un-ordered, un-wanted "build configurations" were DEALER add-ons or FACTORY add-ons.
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