I am selling an Ariya Premiere with
  • Northern Lights Metallic,
  • ProPilot Assist 2.0
  • ProPilot Park
  • rear view mirror as an electronic display from a camera
  • heated seats front and back,
  • aero wheel covers on 19 inch wheels
  • power liftgate
  • 87 kWh battery
  • and everything else the Premiere has
  • and all the benefits of Ariyas in general
I am asking $53,450 (reservationist MSRP), or if I have 3 offers by 2023-01-31, I'll hold a mini-auction.

I am willing to write-off the taxes and fees as a rental fee. And a sweet rental it has been.
I really like it, but the stress of the larger car payment is not worth it to me. I didn't realize how much it would bother me.
I'll miss it.

More views can be seen in my car salesman's video on YouTube