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Ariya Premium+ AWD or Model 3 Performance?

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I know it’s not a true apples to apples comparison, but the price is almost identical. No waiting and mark-up issue and can actually get the M3 Performance in 30-45 days versus 10-months wait on the Ariya. Would you consider the M3P over the Ariya and why?
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I think that's the question that nearly everyone who has ordered an AWD Ariya has asked themselves.

And yes the Tesla is a very good choice for an EV, mostly because of the Supercharger network and the EPA range (along with the 0-60mph performance).

But the AWD Ariya has these items that distinguish it from the M3:
  1. Driver-centric console/display (instead of a bolted-on tablet in the middle of the dash)
  2. ProPilot 2.0 (instead of a fully camera-based driver's assist mode that actually doesn't work because Elon decided it no longer needed a radar or sensor array)
  3. "Currently" eligible for the $7500 US tax credit (which Telsa has long since lost)

That pretty much sums up why I'm skipping the M3.
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Too early to say. We need to see real reviews of drivable models before we can make a reasonable comparison. And the Ariya should probably be compared to the Model Y rather than the 3.
You buy a Model 3 Performance for the track mode. That's basically the only reason to me. Most other EVs - except for the Polestar with Performance package (adjustable suspension) and the Mach-E GTPE - don't compare.

SUV vs sedan is not fair comparison IMO. You are buying an Ariya for the cargo space and overall flexibility while sacrificing a little handling + enjoyment.

I currently own a 3 RWD and Y. I find the ride in the 3 pretty rough but it is an absolute blast to drive. No SUV (EV or otherwise) will compare. As a daily driver, the only other two would be a EV6 and Mach-E for fun.
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