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Another Tesla steering wheel incident suspecting the nut attaching the steering wheel was never installed during assembly. A similar scenario was reported in 2020 on a model 3, but that incident occurred at low speed in the owners driveway. However the latest Tesla victim who just took delivery of his M Y less than a week ago was driving his Model Y at highway speed when the steering wheel just fell off. Fortunately the driver was driving on a straight stretch and not a winding canyon road when the incident occurred. Just more evidence that Tesla is more focused on production numbers than quality control even if it impacts safety.
That said, even though the federal tax credit is no longer in play for the Ariya (non-reservation holders) there’s something to be said for Japanese integrity when quality control and safety come into play. Sure, Toyota’s Japanese built bZ4X wheels fell off, but that was an engineering problem and not blatant assembly negligence. In any case unless the Feds. put enough pressure on Tesla to change their ways I suspect Elon will choose to look the other way and continue down the path of volume sales with little regard for quality or safety.
So with todays news I wonder how many Ariya reservation holders wished they hadn’t cancelled their reservation after the M Y price dropped $13K overnight?


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