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Today I attended the Ride and Drive Event in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. It was a well-executed and informative event. There was an exterior test track with multiple Ariya’s lined up to drive. The Nissan rep sat in the passenger seat and gave me some info about the features as I drove the vehicle. I have to say it was surreal FINALLY seeing/touching one in real life, let alone getting to drive one!

We started with a straight-away acceleration test, braking test, then some tight curves, and ended with some rumble strips to test ride comfort. We went around the track twice. Overall I was very happy with the test drive but I wish it had been a little longer. As the owner of a 2018 Leaf SL, I was disappointed to confirm the new E-Step function with “creep” at 4mph vs. E-Pedal that comes to a complete stop. I drive with E-Pedal 100% of the time, so this will take some getting used to. I also confirmed the wheels are indeed a plastic and alloy “hybrid” to reduce weight and improve drag coefficient.

I took some pictures of the color I reserved, Boulder Gray Pearl. It looks pretty sweet in person. I learned the Platinum AWD trim I reserved will deliver in January, but they are expecting a pre-production model to be in showrooms in a couple months.

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Great photos @Kennyp354 thanks for sharing! You're not the only one to mention the change with the e-pedal. Did you drive on public roads at all or was it just on the course they had?
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