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Battery read 40% low for a day

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Weird thing happened yesterday. Car was around 75%, I plugged it in at home for an hour but when I unplugged to go to work the battery said it was 29%—both the car and my app read the same both times. It continued at the low reading during my drive to work and while parked all day. At the end of the day, the battery read the (I am assuming correct) 70ish% again. I’ll see what happens today. I emailed my personal assistant yesterday but have not heard back from them (honestly, they have not been terribly helpful). I’ll attach pics.

Has this occurred with anyone else?


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No but I did see my interior temperature was 122 degrees, when it was about 60 degrees. So it seemed the data or whatever didn't transfer correctly, later it corrected a day or so later.
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