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I just spoke to the Dealer in Glendale. They told me that there will be another $5K added to the price by the dealers for crap like undercoating and some other garbage they are hawking that they "supposedly" do at the dealership. Call the delivery dealership that you chose and tell them NOT to do ANYTHING to the vehicle you ordered!! Make sure you call them because this is a ripoff. They are supposed to sell the car at MSRP according to Nissan, but these dealerships are allowed to charge you whatever they want if they add something to the vehicle. I'm so tired of getting bent over the bumper. Also - I suggest you might look into getting outside financing because that's a ripoff too. ALSO - make sure that you don't sign the paperwork that says the sale is final and you don't have a cooling off period for returning the car in case you want to. They will slip that into a stack of paperwork. If you are getting you car delivered to Trophy Nissan formally Universal Nissan - CHANGE your dealership. Read the reviews - they are a ripoff!
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I already changed my dealership. The original one who I've been using for years for service and bought my last 3 cars at said they'll add to MSRP. They wouldn't say how much but probably around $5K. I reached out others and found another near me who said they would honor MSRP and I asked them to email me that so I at least had it in writing. I changed. to that dealership and let the original know I had and will also be going there for service moving forward. They called me back saying they could work something out but still couldn't commit to honoring MSRP. Sorry, you had your chance.
We have to remember - they ARE car salesman and not to forget their reputation! Do I dare say - "most" of them are scumbags!
This is why I contacted dealers around me to ask about markup. Most were $5K to $10K but one agreed to $2.5K (lol).

One said they would sell at MSRP but when I pushed for a build/price sheet.. silence.
Cannot change dealership anymore. Does this mean it shipped? Anyone else missing the EDIT button?
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