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Changed Reservation from Evolve+ to Platinum+

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So, I don't know if I will actually be buying the Nissan Ariya that I have reserved (still waiting to see what tweaks they may make to the e-Pedal system to allow full-stop without using the brake pedal).

However, I bit the bullet on the cost difference and changed my reservation from an Evolve+ to a Platinum+. I know this may mean it will come later, but I really don't even need the car until the end of the year -- my only concern is Nissan's federal tax credit expiring. I also don't know what changing my trim level will do to my place in line.

So why did I make the change?

1) The AWD traction and sway control looks really nice. That e4orce Ramen video made me realize that it will be nice not having people thrown around the cabin as much when sudden stops are required.

2) The extra power is really nice to have, but was not a huge motivator. It seems that my Nissan Leaf is faster off the line and to 60 mph than 90% of vehicles I encounter -- no problems with getting up to passing or merging speed in a Leaf. But more power is always good.

3) I like that the Platinum+ has a power tilt & telescoping steering wheel with memory -- I am so tired of sharing my Leaf with the rest of the family and always having to adjust everything when I get in it -- but we share it to save gas.

4) Finally, I recently test drove a Kia EV6 and got to experience the ventilated seats. Now I had experienced ventilated seats back in 2019 in a Ford Expedition, but there is a difference when you get the near-instant cold air from an electric-powered air conditioner -- especially when you live in the dessert like I do.

My only concern was the Platinum+ cost $10K more and the loss of the space in the trunk for the second motor making it hard to pack for a road trip.
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Yes, I have also been tempted by the Platinum+ trim. I really like what I have seen and read about the e4orce system, especially since my son tends to get carsick. I actually have two different trims on order, so that I can decide when they are arriving which I want to buy: an Evolve+ and Premier. I am pretty sure I want the Premier, for the ProPilot 2 features, slightly greater range and efficiency than the Platinum, and the dark green color, but I wanted the cheaper option available in case that made sense financially when we actually can get the car. I wouldn't worry about Nissan running out of credits any time soon - they have a year or two left, and then the credits only start decreasing after two financial quarters.
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