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Delta between car battery use and charger numbers

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Using an emporia level 2 charger via 240 plug not hard wired, 87 kwh Venture+. Been doing multiple day trips to Seattle,100 or so miles roundtrip. Car is consistently saying im consuming 3.7 kwh/m with 65-66% charge remaining which would imply around 30 kwh consumed per trip. However the emporia charger is consistently recotding 34-35 kwh/ consumed. Called emporia and they tell me the error is in the car electronics not excess consumption by the charger. Concerned in regards to the long term cost and the implications of range by this +10% discrepancy. Comments? Experience?
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There are losses when charging, not sure how much from your example, but generally 5-10%. The car rating is based on the battery draw, but I would guess the EVSE is based on the draw from the wall outlet.

I found an article talking about this, though there are others.
Thnx very much for the reference- seems to answer my question better than a call to Emporia.
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