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Evolve+ available in Fremont

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Just FYI for the Bay Area folks in the forum… but there is a Evolve+ available for immediate delivery at the Nissan in Fremont. It’s beautiful, but I’m going to wait for my Premiere to arrive. Was told to email [email protected] for more info
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Fremont is home of Tesla country. Ask the sale man if they have Tesla owners coming into their showroom to inquire about the Ariya?
any mark-ups / add-ons?
Yeah, according to the salesman, they were asking $62K
Yeah, according to the salesman, they were asking $62K
Thanks...I see one in inventory on their website. $52k its $10k mark up? Is that the dealership you are getting your reservation from? Did they agree to no markups?
I still haven't contacted my dealership (Golden State Nissan in Colma)...wondering what the bay area Nissan dealerships are doing for reservations in general.
Fremont is the dealership I'm taking delivery at and they have confirmed with me that there is no markup on the reservationist vehicles. From my understanding, the Evolve+ there is an unreserved one-off
If that is your dealer you can get arrival time on your reservation. I am in N.Calif. my dealer told me 1)Premeire 2) Evolve 1)Venture all the info is on their computer now I also think Build Date is available. I have EVOLVE and I was told expect delivery APRIL.... My dealer only had those 4 reservations. That will be approx 100 days past original Late Fall Delivery. Totally clueless on their Delivery System
I took delivery at Fremont and there wasn't a markup.

They said that they would add dealer adjustment for unreserved Ariyas, though.
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