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I'm in the U.S., so I can't say if these topics apply to any other countries.

Based on a phone call I just had with Nissan:

First - For some users, it seems that we are currently unable to log in to our Nissan Ariya reservation. Nissan is aware and they hoping to have the issue resolved early next week.

Second - I was told, and I've heard this somewhere else as well, that February 17th is the point at which dealers may or will start contacting customers about their reservations. Not sure if that means that dealers will have portals where will we formalize our configurations and orders or what, but seems like a good thing.

Third - This is the part I'm most excited about, and I sure hope that it is accurate. The person I spoke with said that they had been told that it is possible that new color combinations will be available to us once the dealers contact us after February 17th.

I really, really want ProPilot 2.0, but I can't live with the current color options, so keeping my fingers crossed !!!!! (Otherwise, I step down a trim level, or give my money to Hyundai)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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