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Ford Cuts EV Prices

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Ford’s Mach-E price cuts range from 1.2% to 8.8%, depending on the configuration. In dollar terms, that is about $600 to $5,900 less than the previous sticker price on the sporty SUV, a model that hit the market in late 2020 and is a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model Y.

Hope if Nissan matches, we reservationists get credit from Nissan.
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The recent Tesla price reductions have put the competitive pressure on other EV manufacturers. The modest as they are Mach-E price cuts are but the latest example. Nissan is clearly lagging behind in not only changes in the market, but in delivering product to those who made reservations. The latest splash is the coverage of the new Ioniq 6. That said, both Hyundia and Kia are months out in delivering ordered EVs. We could hope for Nissan to respond to the market, but for now it appears the best we can receive is the reservationist MSRP.
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