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Home EV Wiring - What I Did w/Parts, Process, and Costs

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This may mean nothing to you, but most new EV's owners need to get upgraded wiring into their garages. Attached is for 240V single phase, so mostly aimed at NA users. I certainly don't mean to suggest this is the only way, this is only shared to help others.

Home EV Wiring Project

In case it helps others, here are two other links that may be of interest. And no, I've no financial interest in any of these. Just sharing what I've learned with other EV owners.

EV Charging Best Practice
EV Tires - Air Pressure vs Comfort

Best of luck to you,

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I'll update the post (which is why I use Google Drive and just add links), but a Canadian EV's owner from a different forum mentioned Canadian's don't follow the NEC code, they:

  • Follow the Canadian Electric Code (CEC)
  • Are allowed to run a wire type we don't have in the US, NM-D, (Sort of like our NM-B) and in allows up to 65amps (at 75c)
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