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Hoping for the best!

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I'm new to the EV world and after having done some research and looked at what friends and family have purchased, I've decided on the Nissan Ariya. My concern is that it will be so long before I can get one. I presently have an Infiniti QX50 and my lease ends in February, 2023. I would have liked to transition to an Ariya but it looks like that will probably not happen in that timeframe. I'm hoping Nissan/Infiniti leasing lets me extend my lease while I wait for the Ariya. I'm interested in the Platinum+ version and that looks like it will be delivered later than the others. I hope this is all possible. I find some solace in reading all your posts since communication with a dealership is useless and all I hear are crickets!! šŸ˜‚
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