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House Amperage

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I currently have an older home. I think, the amperage is 50A or 60A. Did anyone have to upgrade their home amperage in anticipation for the Ariya? What did you upgrade to? I'm thinking about upgrading to 200A.
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At my house (11yr old) I have a GAS DRYER so I did not need the breaker that went to ELECTRIC Dryer at PANEL , I pulled out dryer breaker installed 50amp and used this for my Ariya hookup. I have also heard of people who unplug their dryer in garage and plug their car power into it when needed?? Not sure if that is worth the trouble or correct info: just a thought..
By and large you don’t NEED a lot of amperage. You’ll get 30 miles of range charging overnight using a standard 15 amp 120 house plug. Do you need/want more? Generally one moves to 240v next.

now, is 60 amp low? Yes, but somehow your home works on that. Hard to believe, but OK. My home, at night, never pulls more than 20 amp. I could allocate 24 amps/240v and not break 50 amp. Thats around 12 miles of range per hour. Hard to think you need more

HOWEVER. If you have old wiring thats in need of upgrade it nkw and take advantage of the ev wiring tax credit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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