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Nicely done!

I'm just curious if the WallBox is even needed, however. From what I've gathered, the higher trims of the Ariya come with a Nissan EVSE cable (40A / 9.6 kW) for level 2 charging. Since both are essentially just a cable and a set of switches, it seems redundant to have both in the garage? I've read "the car will do all of the thinking and will communicate with the charger, whether it be the Nissan cable or a wall-mounted EVSE." Seems all we really need in the garage is a 50A dedicated circuit to a 14-50 NEMA outlet for the included Nissan EVSE cable. Or am I totally off base here?
No, you're not off base. The included charger on the higher trims should work fine. Some people want more functionality - cell phone app integration for instance - or are getting the lowest trim that only comes with a Level 1 charger, and so are getting the WallBox. I plan to use the included one.
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