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I just picked up my Everest White Venture+!!!

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I just took delivery of my Ariya Venture+ yesterday, and I love it!
I have previously owned 2 LEAFs (2012 and 2022 SL plus). It is amazing how the technology has improved over the past decade.
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Congratulations, and welcome to the forum!
I'm hopefully going to get my Evolve+ very soon.
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Congratulations. Did you consider Y and chose Ariya and can you suggest why did you go with Ariya? TIA!
Congratulations. Did you consider Y and chose Ariya and can you suggest why did you go with Ariya? TIA!
I have actually never considered getting a Tesla. I really enjoyed both of my Nissan LEAFs, and to me, the Ariya was the obvious next choice.
Driving the LEAF, I had become concerned about the increasing difficulties finding Chademo chargers. Ariya fixed that problem by using CCS.
I needed a bit more cargo space than the LEAF could handle. The Ariya can carry a full size wheelchair much more easily.
I assume we all want, and need, more range, With a range of over 300 miles, I have not had any range anxiety. With my original LEAF, if I needed to drive any more than to and from work, I was perpetually anxious. The newer LEAF would take me almost anywhere I needed to go in a day. The Ariya is even better
Finally, I bought it for the features, not its appearance, but this car definitely turns heads!
I hope you find exactly what you need.
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Venture+ is one of the configurations that the car magazines recommend too. It has the highest range which is the most important attribute of an EV. However, you will soon notice that there are a number of useful features explained in the manual that are missing in this model. The top two missing items in my list is the lack of cargo cover and e-step saving. E-step uses regenerative brake to slow down the car. The cargo cover is not even in the accessory catalog quoting the local dealer. We should request that all Ariya models should get the ability to save the last state of e-step.
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