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I Totaled my Ariya Am I the First?

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I Totaled my Ariya$ Am I the First. Hi friends. I totaled my Ariya on my way home from work Friday morning. The car is always in pro pilot mode cause I’m always on highway. It usually works. I TOOK OUT A TELEPHONE POLE. The auto breaks failed. It almost killed me. What should I do.
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Disagreements and some challenging of events as stated are okay, but please keep to what's apparent from the description, the photos, and leave off the inuendo and unfounded accusations. In particular, review Rule 2 here:

I've done some cleanup of recent comments in this thread. Thanks.
Sorry if I crossed the line @atreis. I’ll refrain from posting any more comments on what I believe was an avoidable crash.
I think everyone knows that already.
However Nissan pro pilot has critical issues. Self driving that suddenly and rapidly turns off the road. Disengages without a bing sound, on a corner when you are on the outer edge of the highway and it literally flies off the side of the road.
Auto breaking that accelerates at randomly directly into the car in front at high speed.
Yes I stopped all of those but don’t tell me to pay attention or hold the wheel or that not to expect much as they are not that good. This is just not fit for purpose and someone will have a fatal crash.
I found there is a learning curve with all adaptive cruise control systems. I have felt a few hiccups with mine, but it was not the Ariya’s fault, rather my over-reliance on it. I think ProPilot and ProPilot 2.0 work real well and I’m glad the car has the auto healing feature.
Going by the photos we all have lots of questions about the crash. I can only say personally my level of trust in semi autonomous driving is only at 40%. I've seen enough videos of near misses and crashes from multiple manufacturers including tesla to understand that self driving needs much more improvement to catch up to the constant changes in driving environment. So to think that when I first saw videos of people sleeping in the drivers seat in their tesla using auto pilot and having that much confidence in the technology with their life, I was a bit shocked.
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