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So, sorta related but I ended up getting going down the logistical rabbit hole of shipping cars from Japan and came up with this theory.

Nissan Ariya models should be showing up in US Ports no later than Nov 15th

Here's how I got there. According to this article, the Ariya is manufactured in the Tokyo area.

The Nissan Ariya is manufactured in a dedicated new section of the automaker's Tochigi assembly complex north of Tokyo, called the Intelligent Factory.
Therefore it stands to reason that they would ship out of a port in the Tokyo area.

Now, Nissan has it's own shipping company for sending its cars around the world. One of it's ports is in Yokohama, just outside of Tokyo. And this is their most recent shipping schedule to the US

And you can see that carriers leaving Yokohama will be arriving at US ports (East and West Coasts) through October into the first few weeks of November. If they are sticking to their timeline, it seems like they would be shipping during this timeframe. Might not apply to the E-force versions, which based on this schedule, would be showing up mid to late Dec/Early Jan based on the transit times of the ships back to Japan and then to the US again, and lines up with recent (poor) communication on availability.

Anyway, that's the end of my crazy theory. Take with as many grains of salt as needed.
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