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just joined, the Ariya is on my short list

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hello everyone, I've joined simply to learn more about the car, as I'm very interested in purchasing. I'm in Canada.
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So, what else is on your short list?
I'm waiting on the Ariya, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the Kia EV6.
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Waiting on the Volvo C40, see my other post on this forum below. I was also going to pursue the Mustang Mach E, but production quantity is low, and I get the distinct feeling from reading up on this EV that the build quality is also low. I feel Volvo and Nissan are safer buys. Tesla is off the short list, also suspect build quality, but I also dislike their screen as the sole means to control everything.

I'm closing watching for the Volvo C40. I recently test drove the XC40 Recharge, as it is very similar in many aspects to the upcoming C40. The test drive went well. However, I recently found out that Volvo's infotainment system, which is android automotive, relies on a digital services package included in the vehicle's price. This package has a 4 year life, after which one must pay a yet unannounced amount to keep the services going. If one does not pay, certain infotainment features are effectively removed from the car.

I sincerely hope that this business model of disabling features if you don't pay up down the road is not a common theme among EV manufacturers. Can anyone comment on whether other manufacturers are using a similar tactic ?

I've been considering the Q4 e-tron and the Ariya. Love the interior of the Q4 but, rear drum brakes. Really? And only 240 mile range and no 360 degree camera.
I've had 1 Nissan and now driving my 3rd Infiniti (G35 coupe, FX35, FX50S). All 4 have been well built and trouble free. I'll probably wait for the Ariya because of my positive experience with Nissan products.
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