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I don’t know if I am posting in the right section or not if not, I apologize. A few times, when I first got the car, a prompt on screen asked if I wanted to make a specific the “primary key.”

I skipped over it and now every time I get into the car it says “welcome, guest.”

does it matter if I make one key the primary key? If so, where is this setting in car? I hope I don’t have to do a reset. Tx.
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For the first time in almost 40 years, I hop in the car and drive around enjoying the sun and wind blowing into sunroof with no destination in mind. No more driving the kids somewhere as their grown. No more driving to work as I retired during COVID. Just enjoying how this car does so much more than any previous cars I've own. The one before this is a Tesla which is a car that throws you back in the seat but lacks many of the Ariya features. At my age I enjoy the comfort of the seats as I just drive and listen to the radio or stream from my phone. Not driving fast but when an ID4 cuts me off, i change lane and return the favor. They didn't realize I'm in an EV with fast acceleration. The speed, like the Tesla, will get you out of trouble but putting distance from bad drivers. In 13 days of driving, good days are a5 3.5 miles/KW and testing acceleration is about 2.5 miles /kw. Drove over a week before my first charging. A 2021 Tesla M3 SR+ SOC at 85% showing 218 miles will be 170 actual miles. I expect the Ariya to go 3-5 day between charging versus Tesla every other or every third day.
I’m right with you, except we still have to wait for a while up here in the Northwest to experience the sun on a regular basis. My first car was a 57 Chevy powered by a Corvette 365 HP 327. ( I’m surprised I only got one ticket in the 50 + years that I owned it) But those days are in the rear view mirror now as I really don’t have the need for speed any longer. So looking forward as you do to drive the Ariya around aimlessly if I just want to with no particular destination in mind.
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My wife and I drove our Evolve + home from the dealership this afternoon. ( My wife loves it BTW) We spotted this NL Evolve with light gray interior in late February when it first showed up on a dealers website when it was still in transit. This particular dealership is located about 100 miles from our home. MSRP (including destination) was originally $52,615.00 which included the typical add on options for Premium paint, carpeted floor mats / first aid kit, and illuminated kick plates. Long story short, when the smoke cleared I was able to convince the GM to not only apply my $1240.00 reservation credit but discount an additional $1000.00 for an out the door cash price of $50,375.00 + tax and license. The deal I made today also didn‘t take into consideration my $500 reservation credit refund which I plan to request from Nissan NA tomorrow. So yeah, today was a really good day!😎.
Congratulations! I know who I want to negotiate my next new car purchase now. :D
I’m right with you, except we still have to wait for a while up here in the Northwest to experience the sun on a regular basis.
We finally had a nice warm sunny day yesterday (actually it's been that way all week this week). Sunny and 78 degrees. I stuck my hand up through the sunroof and waved at some guy in a Tesla while sitting at a light.
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Yeah, I've noticed this too. Tesla has a boatload of third party accessories available on Amazon. Great for price competition and some pretty creative solutions too. Hope that happens for the Ariya soon. The front storage bin is great, but not at dealership prices!
That makes sense. This vehicle just arrived in my area two months ago. if I can wrap the lettering of aria and the model I have.
Circling back, thank you very much for the replies regarding my key. I’ve followed instructions and everything is now in order.

A little bit of a let down. I was expecting a parade every time I get in the car.
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Its mainly a convenience feature. If you associate a particular key with a profile, the car will customize a bit to that profile: welcome message (Hello <your name>), show customized picture (if desired), use your preferred navigation settings (voice prompt, home location, routing preferences, etc), use your preferred music selection (radio, USB, etc), load your preferred HUD/binnacle layout, things like that.

So nothing critical, but all stuff that I took for granted on my Tesla. ;)

It should load your seat memory too, but my Ariya has stopped doing that. May be a bug. They copied that from Tesla, too.

Forgot to answer your question about how to set it: in the Nissan Connect screen, tap: Home icon -> Gear icon -> Edit User -> User Profiles.
Was your Ariya ever changing the seat position from unlocking via key fob? My Infiniti will do it, the Ariya, not so much. Annoying!
Was your Ariya ever changing the seat position from unlocking via key fob? My Infiniti will do it, the Ariya, not so much. Annoying!
I don't think it moved on unlocking. (I have it set to auto unlock, so I'm not pressing the fob button.) When you power off the car and open the door the seat slides back into easy in/out position. After getting in and powering on it would slide into the seat memory position associated with the profile identified from the active key fob. The trigger to move the seat is opening the door or powering on, not the unlock.

Sometimes its buggy and won't change the seat position. Or the seat memory is lost. You have to readjust, save it, and then associate it with the profile again. Its convenient when it works though.
Was your Ariya ever changing the seat position from unlocking via key fob? My Infiniti will do it, the Ariya, not so much. Annoying!
One has to set it up, but yes. I have two seat positions for the two keys. Mine is set to key 2 and my wife to key 1. It's my car, but I grabbed and setup key 2 without realizing it.
One can also just use the buttons on the door, if those have been set. I'll do that if using my wife's fob.
It's talked about briefly in this video at around 2:47
I do have profiles setup and the respective key fobs are recognized. This happens at Power On. My issue is that I am much taller so if my wife was last to use the vehicle, even though seat slides back and steering wheel up( same as Infiniti), I cannot get in because the seat is still too forward. What I liked about the Infiniti was that when pressing unlock on the fob or unlocking via the door handle with the fob in your pocket, the seat would adjust at that point. I was then able to get in an start the car. With the Ariya, I have to unlock then open the door and find the seat memory button on the door to get the seat to adjust back in order to get in. It would be great if the seat position adjusted as I approached. I have the Unlock on Approach enabled. It's a little thing, but a major annoyance. I would just take a software update. Does anyone know if Nissan has an Enhancement Request system in place for suggestions?
Speaking of key FOB, if you have a printer label machine, please please print a label of your phone number and stick the label on the back of your key FOB. It is very expensive to replace and time consuming if you ever lose your FOB! Hopefully, if you do lose it, someone will be nice enough to call you and return your key FOB.

My gf at the time lost her key FOB on her Lexus. I went through lots of hoops to get a replacement for her. It’s not cheap because it requires programming!
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