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Massachusetts, like other states, offers rebates for climate-friendly vehicles. The program is called MOR-EV. The rebate for BEVs is $2500.
To be eligible, models must be in their list:
Eligible Vehicles List | MOR-EV

To be eligible, the base purchase price must also be <$50k. That said, the Venture+ and the Evolve+, with the reservationist discount, should qualify.
However, the Ariya is not in the list of eligible vehicles. I contacted the state office and they say that the manufacturer must request inclusion in the list (currently Nissan has just the Leaf in the list). I sent this info to my dealer and they said "well, we are not Nissan, we are a Nissan dealer"!! but can mention this to our representative. Reminds me of Inspector Clouseau in Return of the Pink Panther trying to bust the hurdy-gurdy man and his monkey:
BEGGAR: You say it’s against the law?
CLOUSEAU: Yes, unless you have a proper license.
BEGGAR: Uh, what kind of license?
CLOUSEAU: A license that permits the playing of any musical instrument in a public place for the purpose of commercial enterprise.
BEGGAR: Commercial enterprise?
CLOUSEAU: Yes. You play that thing and people give you their money.
BEGGAR: People give the monkey the money.
CLOUSEAU: It is the same.
BEGGAR: Oh, not at all, Monsieur. I am a musician and the monkey is a businessman. He doesn’t tell me what to play and I don’t tell him what to do with his money.

But I digress. Anyway, if someone from Nissan corporate is looking at this site, please request the Ariya is included in the MOR-EV list.
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