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We ordered the Nissan kit and hubby installed. We looked at other options but felt more comfortable using a kit sold by Nissan on a 5-day old car. Wires are nicely hidden and he got it put together without any issues. Haven't had an opportunity to test out on the road yet with our crazy rains and flooding in San Jose.

Installation Findings:
1) Step by Step instructions can be found in attached Nissan Installation Manual.
2) The manual refers to two different part numbers (one ends in "A" and the other "B"). The man helping us in the Dealer Parts Dept. needed to call Main Nissan Parts to clarify the difference. He was told the "A" is for the Ariya".
3) The location of where the camera is connected to power is directly below the A pillar on the passenger side.
4) App (MDriveRecorder) is not impressive but gets you the info you need and controls.

I'll try and follow-up with videos as we record them, but thought others may have installed the Nissan kit or another brand that can share details as well - thus the new thread.


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