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Need ideas for charging cord hack ?

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Newbie to forum - hoping to get help with a puzzle?? When our Ariya arrives next month (fingers crossed) it will replace our ICE and join our 2013 Leaf. Faced with the issue of charging two EVs, I trying to develop a DIY hack to easily swing the charging cord from either vehicle. I was thinking hanging a pvc bar (parallel to the back of garage) about 7’ high and drag the cord back & forth (over 6’-7’ span) between the two but am concerned about friction/wear of rubber on pvc. I do not want to spend $600 for a mechanical arm as I believe there must be a way to easily hang and sling cord with reduced wear. Anyone else have dealing with the two EV charging challenge ? Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Thanks !
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At least one person mounted their EVSE to the ceiling and has a coupe of pulleys attached to the cable. They can move it just about anywhere it needs to go, and the pulleys retract it back up when it's not in use.
Thanks for responding - I can picture how pulleys would help in one direction (from back to front of garage), but can’t imagine how the pulleys help swing EVSE back/forth between the two vehicles? Is there a photo you’ve seen or a link you can share?
You might consider looking at fence gate hinges, heavy duty ones, to mount the arm.

Also, review how these car wash boom arms are set up.
There are several ideas posted on YouTube, e.g.,

The other approach is to connect two EVSE boxes ("chargers") to one circuit, so that you have two cables, one for each EV. I believe that JuiceBox, Tesla, and ClipperCreek feature such load-sharing capabilities.
Terrific content ! Plenty of ideas to work with. Shout out to Jeff-4 for including the links. Really like the application of the tool balancer.
Thank to all for responding. Hope you receive your Ariya soon.
Wanted to circle back on this old thread to report on my results.
I purchased three items; a simple U hook (large), a 72” tool track with trolley, and a Reelcraft 5lb tool balancer. Purchased items online; the tool track from Q Source (~$80); the tool balancer from MRO Supply (~$35) and U hook from Home Depot (~$3). The U hook was hung from the first garage rafter to ensure the cord was lifted into the air and away from charger/towards front of garage. Installed the tool track using coarse 3” screws with washers directly into the rafters; place track on an angle to ensure front & side access to vehicle charging port (Ariya side port, Leaf front port). I hung the tool balancer from the trolley with approximately 30” of the cord hanging below the tool balancer. The tool balancer easily handles the weight of the cord for convenient pull down to each car. Suggest a very light spray of WD40 in tool track channel prior to first use.
Total cost was approximately $125. Works great. Hope you find this helpful.
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