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After nearly a week of back and forth with Nissan and EVGO regarding my “one year of unlimited complimentary charging starting at the date of purchase or lease” Ariya EVGO promo credit, I learned tonight that they apparently sent my promo “activation code” to a bogus email address - and aren’t actually giving customers the full one year of charging promised by Nissan. They date the promo to your date of purchase, then tell you they have up to 30 days to actually give you the promo code, with no credit for however long it takes them to actually deliver the code to you.

This is ridiculous. If I hadn’t followed up multiple times with EVGO and Nissan (each of which gave me multiple wrong answers (EVGO repeatedly said my VIN was “ineligible”) before finding my code), I still wouldn’t be able to use the promo… and it would be running out every day. I lost about a week of free charging, paying out of pocket, and EVGO wouldn’t credit me for it - even after it applied the promo code, which showed I should have been recharging for free.

Customer support was given multiple chances to make this right and did not. After better experiences purchasing my Leaf, this Ariya nickel and diming stuff is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised by a class action.
Let me know when you ready for that class action because I am there with you for that.
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