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Hi all,

New owner here from the Netherlands , i have created an account because one of my youtube review video was posted on this forum and i wanted to give some comment. Thanks for posting it i was very proud , as it is not my normal day job ( IT) i just wanted to make an review in Dutch and it was the first non journalist video.

I have received the car a week ago it's an (eu) Evolve with 87 kWh battery. And i am loving it.

Wheel Sky Tire Cloud Vehicle

My previous electric car was a Leaf e+ (Tekna)

I did not found any good dog cage for the car (Dobermann x2 ) so i am now making one from extruded aluminum maybe i will create a new post for that if it is working.

14 months old
Dog Carnivore Jaw Comfort Dog breed

10.5 years old
Dog Carnivore Collar Fawn Whiskers
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