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Awesome writeup =)

Did they have one at the show floor where we can sit inside the car? I've been to another and the doors were locked...

Hey Folks- so I went to the LA car show this morning with an early bird ticket so I could go directly to Nissan and ask the questions some of you ask me to ask.

#1 - although it is scheduled to come out late this year - they have said - that all depends on which part of the country you live! WTF? I was told that the dual battery AWD that I ordered would be "hopefully" late spring but "most likely- the SUMMER!" WTF AGAIN!

#2 If the Dealership you put down as your dealer wants to charge you over the MSRP - even though they tell you that you CANNOT switch the dealership - YOU CAN! (My Dealership called Glendale Nissan in Glendale CA. is NOT charging any more than MSRP and that was verified 2 times with management. FYI - the Trophy Nissan in Universal City is charging $16K OVER MSRP. Nissan explained that they have no control over what any Dealership charges as they are all franchises. They assured me that they are angry about it- but they have no control. If the Dealership you put down as where you want to pick up the car says "you can't" switch Dealerships - they are LYING & just don't want to loose the money you paid over the MSRP!

#3 Yes - the LOGO on the front is always lit!

#4. The car hauls ass - BUT there are so many others even less than the Ariya that are as good or better tech etc.

#5 All of the color options are beautiful!

#6 - One of the top "deal breakers" for me is that there is NO PET mode as in my LEAF which is that you can leave the AC on when you leave a pet in the car. I was actually shocked that many of the new EV's do not have a pet mode. The Ariya will turn the AC off if you walk a certain (short) distance away from the car. For me personally - I live in LA and it gets so hot in the summer - I use this feature daily when I have my pooches with me. I am getting really weary of them changing the delivery date so many times that I am most likely going to buy an Vinfast which REALLY impressed me with the look, the tech AND the Pet mode. Remember - if you leave a passenger in the car and leave the AC on and leave with the key - your passenger will not have AC unless you leave the car running. Maybe not a bid deal to you but for me it is!

#7 Don't be mistaken as I was - that the sunroof is huge - it's actually smaller than I've seen in other cars. It give you the illusion that it is very big because of the glass top but it's not.

#8. That slide out mini desk that looks like it would hold a laptop will NOT as it is way too small. Even the salesperson called it a French Fry holder!

In conclusion - after spending almost an hour alone with the Nissan people - I think it's a nice car BUT considering all the factors - after spending. over 5 hours at the car show looking ONLY at cross over EV's - I think others have nicer interiors (not as many ambient lights on some) and are as good or better than the Ariya. One thing to mention - a lot of the reps (from other dealers too) recommended that I should lease rather than purchase as the tech is changing so rapidly that if would be obsolete in a few years.

If you have any other questions that I forgot to address - let me know and I'll try to answer them. I. took many photos but I can't figure out how to load them! :-(
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