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Aftermarket parties in the United States, SEMA are used by automotive industry supporters to present their flagship products. Not only that, world automotive brands also use it to introduce new lines, both in the form of concept models and the latest finished products.

As did Nissan, where the Japanese car manufacturer presents several modified models. One of them is the Ariya, a fully battery-powered crossover SUV that has a futuristic style.

They also collaborated with custom experts from the Tommy Pike Customs (TPC) workshop to transform Ariya. The car is given a classic touch with wood accents. These details are not applied to the interior, but the exterior. So that makes it look weird.

TPC does not change the shape of the body. The body is colored light brown which is commonly called a desert tan. Then on the door panels and fenders affixed with wood patterned stickers. Contrast with the overall color of the body so that it looks striking. Retro nuance also burst.

Moreover, the added wheels are solid blue neon blue measuring 20 inches, plus tires with white walls. The legs are enhanced with steel wheel caps covered in chrome. Right in the middle is the new Nissan logo. TPC also buried a customized suspension. The goal is to allow large and thin tires to fit in, leaving a slight gap with the fenders.

Actually the design is reminiscent of United States cars in the 1930s to 1960s. Quite a number of models are presented using wood panels made of original materials. The accent is usually applied to distinguish the highest variant. Although indeed over time, the original wood began to be replaced by plates or plastic gilded with natural motifs. Because these materials are easier to produce, besides that they are more durable because they are less affected by weather conditions. This style continued into the 1990s.

Continue to the roof. The component is left black along with the rest. In order not to be less striking with the lower area, a roof rack is attached. However, not a suitcase or a roofbox is attached, but two surf boards that are patterned and colored similar to the body. Not without reason TPC applies it. They are reimagining a style once popular in Southern California, South America.

In its time, the wooden body car was very popular with the people of the area. Because of its unique shape. Its users also like water skating a lot, where they put a surfboard on the roof of the car.

Source: Nissan Ariya electric SUV comes with a surf theme at SEMA 2022
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