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Fully Charged covered the Ariya's reveal in one of their latest videos. They do a great job pointing out that Nissan's history and success with the Leaf gives them an advantage with the Ariya because of all the data and feedback they've gathered from customers.

Here are the timestamps if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

0:00 An Early Start
0:21 Introducing Nissan's ARIYA
1:38 Nissan's 'Electric' Heritage
3:18 Building On Experience
4:07 Liquid Cooled Batteries, At Last!
4:52 Exterior Aesthetics
6:26 Interior Finish
7:10 Different Versions: Range, Battery Capacity etc
8:44 Towing Capability
9:04 Charging Speed, Charger Type
9:58 Over the Air updates & Smartphone App
10:32 Display, Head-Up & Voice Recognition
11:57 In Summary & Price Estimates
13:30 Subscribe & Support

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