If you can't get enough of adaptive headlights in action, then this video is for you.
In the Evolve trim, the Ariya features four 20mm projectors modules per side for low and high beam. The latter features matrix functionality. Within those projectors are lots of LEDs, I have no concrete information as to how many segments are used, suffice it to say: the light is simply amazing. The low beam alone will keep the road illuminated easily, the throw is better than anything I have seen so far. The Matrix high beam is the icing on the cake. Super quick, well programmed, road signs get dimmed out if the reflection is too heavy (still the light overall is so bright, that the camera struggled at times, but don't worry, for the eyes it's just phenomenal!). This system is a good step above that of the Qashqai, which already is very good. As a driver, the impression is that everything is well illuminated pretty much all the time. In terms of eye fatigue, there is very little difference between driving with this system and driving at daylight. It really is effortless and a joy to use.