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Tire size
(front and rear)
255/45R20 (available as an option)

Above are the specs for the factory Ariya wheels and tires.

19" and 20" wheels look great, but that is a large wheel and tire package.

I know I will achieve longer range and a more comfortable ride if I downsize the wheels and tires to some other Nissan wheels, like a set of 17" wheels with a thicker sidewall.

But I have two concerns.

1) Weight - there is only a range increase if the new wheels I choose are lighter, whether they are aftermarket or factory. Does anyone know if the factory Ariya wheels are forged or if they are particularly lightweight already?

2) Brake clearance. Probably not a big issue because most EVs have smaller friction brakes than gas vehicles, but when downsizing wheels you have to check to see if the new wheels will clear the brakes.
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