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According to reports, Nissan dealers have gotten an early look at what the Ariya is going to look like. From the article there are quite a few interesting takeaways from dealer meeting.

  • Range: 300 miles. Nissan’s EV will be competitive with Ford’s upcoming Mustang-inspired cross over and Tesla’s Model Y, said Ed Kim, an analyst with AutoPacific.
  • 0-60 Time: Under 5 seconds
  • It has "the exterior proportions of a compact Rogue but the interior space of a midsize Murano."
  • It has a roomy cabin, with a “futuristic” look that is “like nothing on the market.”
  • The cockpit features a digital dashboard that stays hidden until the vehicle is turned on. “When you get in the car, all you see is a pulsating start button,” a dealer said. Pushing the start button brings the high-resolution display to life.
  • Like the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model 3, the Nissan crossover has a dashboard devoid of physical buttons.
  • The crossover could have a 75 to 85 kWh battery.
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