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Nissan Exec Suggests EV Charging Is Too Hard For Women

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This is not a good look for Nissan... Automotive News Europe spoked with Nissan product strategy chief Ivan Espinosa and in the interview he implies that EV charging is too hard for female owners of the Leaf.

Specifically he mentions the location of the charger and even the weight of the cable.

What are some of the lessons you have learned from the Leaf EV?

One of them is the hassle of charging. How easy or complicated this is has a big impact on the EV customer experience. It is not just about time. It is simple things such as location of the charger and even the weight of the cable. We have a lot of female Leaf drivers and in some cases the technologies that we use today are not so friendly for them. We have also learned many things about the battery technology and electric motor technology. All that is helping us to make our EV drive smoother.
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