The US could get a mid-size Frontier-like electric pickup.
Nissan is exploring a mid-size electric pickup for US buyers that could look a lot like its current Frontier model.

Nissan may bring a Frontier-like electric pickup to the US
Although Nissan jumped out to an early start with electric vehicles, releasing the Leaf back in 2011, the company has watched its lead slip after taking over a decade to release its second EV.

Nissan finally announced prices for the 2023 Ariya electric crossover, starting at $43,190, after delaying it several times. With the company’s second electric vehicle hitting the market, Nissan looks to bring more production to the United States.

In February, the Japanese automaker announced it would invest $500 million in its Canton Vehicle Assembly plant in Mississippi to transform it into a “center for US production.” The plans include “two all-new, all-electric vehicles.”

Nissan didn’t specify what new EVs will be built, but with the Canton facility primarily manufacturing pickup trucks, one would assume it would be along those lines.

The Nissan Frontier, one of the automaker’s most recognized brands, in particular, is said to be in line for an electric upgrade. Speaking with Automotive News, Nissan advisory board chairman Tyler Slade said:

The Frontier Hardbody has been a part of Nissan’s brand for decades. It’s logical to bring an electric version.
Slade added that dealers are requesting a mid-size pickup, like the frontier, only electric. He said electric pickups offer advantages over gas-powered ones that can save owners money, explaining:

Trucks typically get the worst gas mileage. So, making them electric will reduce operating costs.
Nissan previously said production of the two electric vehicles at the Canton plant is planned to begin in 2025.