To no surprise, the Leaf will be no more.

But the Leaf struggled to match the lofty market expectations of its greatest champion, Nissan Motor Co.'s then-CEO, Carlos Ghosn. Some say that, after the launch, as EV competition quickly evolved, Nissan starved the Leaf of the updates needed to stay ahead.

AutoPacific President Ed Kim described the Leaf as "a miscalculation" by Nissan that led to the automaker "squandering" its first-mover advantage.

"Today, the Leaf name means little to EV shoppers," Kim said. "It doesn't have the brand power it would have had with more product updates, better design and a CUV body style."

Jeff Schuster, LMC Automotive's president of forecasting, said first-gen EVs of the past decade were considered "science projects" rather than practical alternatives to combustion engine models. And the Leaf is associated with those early EVs instead of reflecting where the market is headed.

"I suspect Nissan wants to separate from that," Schuster said.