Nissan has reportedly told their US dealers that they will sell a limited amount of Ariyas in 2023.

It's unclear what the number will be this year but last year Nissan allocated around 6,000 Ariyas to the US in 2022.

Due to high battery material costs, Nissan informed US dealerships that they will only be able to sell a limited number of Ariya models this year. Nissan declined to say exactly how many units will be available, but an insider told news outlets that about 6,000 were allocated to the US for fiscal 2022.

Nissan is expected to increase production of the Ariya later this year, making some 30.000 units available in the US for the fiscal year 2023, which will have to last until March 31, 2024. Until then, Nissan dealerships are at a loss, saying they cannot meet demand.

Pricing for the all-electric Ariya in the U.S. starts at 43,190 dollars and tops out with the premium model at 60,190 dollars.

Nissan had already postponed the market launch of the Ariya by several months back in 2021 due to the chip shortage.