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Nissan, Suzuki Motor to Curtail Production in June

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Hello everyone, according to this article (link below). Nissan will be curtailing Production in June due to Chip shortage. Hopefully it will not delay the Ariya from being released in the US by the end of 2021. 馃
Nissan, Suzuki Motor to Curtail Production in June Due to Chip Shortage - Sources | Technology News | US News
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I cannot believe that they are so far ahead in Ariya production that the chip shortage will not affect its release in some fashion. No one has yet commented on whether the 2021 release date will be for all states, or just selected ones (like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 {which will be released in 19 states in 2021 and the other 31 states in 2022.}). If Nissan does likewise, it is likely that the "initial state" release will not be affected much. But the full US rollout may be delayed for several months to a year.
Yup, could be. Tesla is building and sending Vehicles to their Service Centers/Show Rooms with a missing Part. hummm, wonder what that Part could be "Chip". They no longer have a PR department so may never know for sure. I'm an optimist so hopefully they get it together by the end of the year.
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