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As standard seems to come 7,2 kw onboard charger -single phase as I understand so you can get up to that level if you have 32 A/240V on a single phase- (optional onboard charger to 22kw, then I guess 3 phases). In some circumstances, one does not want to drag too much power to the car even if connected to L2 home charger. Many other EV cars can limit the amperage for the onboard charger. Is this possible on the ariya ( 7.2 or 22 kw onboard charger)? Say one can set 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 etc max amp/phase from the car?

For background: we have a home charger (up to 11 kw, set up on 3 phases), but we cannot limit its amperages (it is an old one already some 6 years old, some more recent one have more control). When the house is running on all (kitchen, dishwashing, washing machine, in winter etc...), it could be good to limit the power drain to the car (like Tesla, Polestar and I guess other also can set limits on the amperage of their onboard charger).

I checked up a manual available but could not find any information about this. If one has the 22 kw onboard charger, I would say such control is really needed if you don´t have a home charge that can be controlled, but in our case it could be also welcome on the 7.2 kw time to time (to limit it to equivalent 4 or 5 kw for example). I don´t want to just use the EVSE which would be too slow.

I think it is a pity they don´t offer 11 kw (and controllable from the car) which seems to be pretty standard today on many cars.

thank you for input.



(Europe, own 2sd time a Nissan Leaf 40)
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