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Oregon Pausing Generous $7,500 Rebate For Buying An EV

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Oregon has some of the best incentives for buying an electric vehicle in the country. Buyers are able to receive up to $7,500 back from the state if they qualify for two separate rebates. Unfortunately, this generous rebate program is running out of money, so the state has decided to pause it beginning May 1.....

.....If you live in Oregon, are thinking about buying an EV, and haven't taken advantage of these healthy incentives, we recommend doing so now before May 1. Buyers who make their transaction before the deadline will have up to six months afterwards to apply for their rebates.
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Yeah, they say they are running out of money! 馃槅馃ぁ
Rebates encourage bad behavior to buy an EV when their perfectly running ICE vehicles can last another 4-5 yrs.
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