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Platinum + cargo capacity

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Does everyone know any specifics on cargo capacity for the Platinum + trim? I watched some videos showing fix-a-flat kit and a Bose subwoofer underneath the divider. Does it mean the top trim has a smaller cargo space? How much smaller. Can the tire repair kit and the sub be removed maximizing the cargo? Happy Holiday!
BTW, I received my VR on Christmas eve 馃檪. Good little Ariya experience with it. Now enjoying the Beat Saber for the holiday 馃槄
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When I was talking with the one of the product engineers at the Test Drive event earlier this year, they mentioned that while the lower trims have some cargo space underneath the divider to use, the Platinum trim would not have any of that space usable due to the rear motor taking up the extra space. You might be able to remove that stuff, but I don't know if you'd really get that much extra space.
I would have tried this on my platinum+ already, but I am concerned that operating the ARIYA with the subwoofer unplugged may be a risk to the sound system. I have someone from Nissan asking this question for me. If I do not hear back, I will make a direct question.
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